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About Us

With the education and passion to foster a nursery, Dianna Brainard-King and her husband, Scott King, are living their dream by providing quality service and upholding the standards of Salem's iconic nursery known as 13th Street Nursery.


Dianna Brainard-King and Scott King reopened 13th Street Nursery in March of 2018 and have carried on the quality of products and service Salem has known for decades.

The previous owners were interviewed at the closing and shared they hoped their nursery they operated for over 17 years would return as a nursery retail store. They are quoted from the Statesman Journal as stating “Our customers say they enjoy our proximity to their neighborhoods as well as the neighborly feel of our place. They think our plant selection is broad and they appreciate that. It has been a pleasure doing business in this beautiful city.”

Dianna has been gardening most of her life, has a degree in Natural Resource Management from Oregon State University (OSU), and implements sustainable gardening practices at home. She recently completed the OSU Master Gardener course and learned additional information about

sustainability. Owning a nursery has always been her dream. Dianna has worked for the State of Oregon for 20 years, is well known in the Salem community, and looks forward to this next opportunity in her life.


Scott has known 13th Street Nursery and been a customer for almost 20 years. It has always been a great place to stop in to say hello and buy beautiful plants or gifts for his wife Dianna. Scott has been in the business end of working with many companies in Salem for over 20 years and looks forward to working with them as a store owner. When Scott and Dianna saw that the nursery was closing, it was at that moment they were hoping to take over for Karen and Glen Maki. Knowing there has been a nursery on that corner in Salem, Oregon since 1920 makes it an icon, and they just had to find a way to keep it there. It took them over a year to make it happen and they know this opportunity is going to be something very special.


Their goal was to find a place that they get to go to work instead of having to go to work.

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