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The Philodendron Pink Princess

Updated: May 20, 2022

The Philodendron Pink Princess is highly sought after and difficult to obtain. These beautiful variegated houseplants are slow growers. Photosynthesis allows plants to take in carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water from the air and soil. C0₂ converts to glucose, sugar for plants energy. Plants need green in their leaves to convert sunlight into energy. It is important to allow some green leaves on your plants, so even though you may seek all or mostly pink leaves, this would be detrimental to your plant.

There is a fake Philodendron, the Pink Congo, which is chemically altered by a hormone that would start out pink but eventually turn solid green. The pink Princess is a hybrid, a mutation of a number of philodendrons. The origin of the plant is pretty muddled.

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