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Plant Labels

When my husband and I first took over 13th Street Nursery in March 2018, we began receiving hundreds of plants to place on our shelves. As we were pricing these items we were surprised at how little information was provided on their labels. We also found tags stuck in the soil were often gone after a few days, making it nearly impossible to determine what all the plants were. Afterall, one young tomato plant looks very similar to other tomato plants, so determining what variety it was was impossible!

After some trial and error we found a software program that allowed us to make labels that stuck to the pots for every single plant. Developing these labels is incredibly time consuming, but our goal at this nursery has always been to make customers buying experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

So when you purchase a plant from 13th Street Nursery, please be sure to read the label for additional information you may wish to know, such as does the plant come back after winter? How tall does it grow and wide? Does it require sun, shade, partial sun? Is the plant deciduous (loses it's leaves) or evergreen? Does it produce flowers and if so when? Our experience has been that this general information is often left out on labels provided by growers.

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